The one thing I regret most is not having been more curious about our  family history .. perhaps however it was meant to be  that my lack of curiousity then has made me more determined than ever now to record an everlasting genealogy of a family which, through it's countless contributions, creative achievements and accomplishments, has left an indelible mark on mankind.

In the scheme of things the best I can hope for is to create a heritage scrapbook .. as even that will be a testimonial to those who came before me for the future generations to follow.

Normally associated with tracing and studying one's own family ancestry, genealogy helps one to learn about their family history. With the help of the Internet, it has now become possible for anyone to find out their ancestry. While in the past this used to be a daunting task, today it has become easier to access old records and study genealogy.

Tracing your family tree is somewhat like putting together a jig saw puzzle. One big difference however, is that you are never going to get all the pieces of your family tree fitted into your big picture. It sure is fun to search for those elusive pieces, though! In years gone by, searching one's family tree usually involved traveling great distances to dig into musty records of far away libraries and court houses. Now, thanks to this wondrous internet, finding the facts of your family history can be as close as the next mouse click away!

The history of the Blomberg family ancestry is not only extensive but complicated by the lack of resources and documents, destroyed in several wars and/or natural disasters. The Genealogical Report on Adam, Andrzej Blomberg ( Father of Tadeusz Olsza ) is only the beginning of a project to trace the entire family history ... one which I hope will be instrumental in finding or getting re-acquainted with living relatives of my Father, Tadeusz Olsza - relatives with whom we have lost touch over the years ...

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The Genealogy Report of (Adam), Andrzej Blomberg and the branch of Tadeusz Olsza's Family tree are only a small section of what we eventually hope to be a larger and more accurate ancestral record of the Blomberg family who's members and their descendants branched off in all geographical directions.

Feel free to visit a more detailed "Blomberg-Olsza" family tree which for the time being, remains a public site, open to both guests and members alike and is located here:.


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